Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cherry Review: Fairmont Hotel

 This first cocktail was in The Georgian, during dinner. The bartender was an older gentleman. The first drink he made me was a chocolate cake (vodka, lemon juice, & frangelica) which he had never heard of or made before, and it was completely spot on perfect. That man knows what he is doing. I wish that I remembered his name. The drink I'm reviewing is just a vodka soda though, he told me that they were low on cherries but still loaded me up! I was very pleased.

Cherry Rating: 6

After we got stranded, we went to The Terrace, which was gorgeous! I got a vodka soda again, and the bartender was a middle aged sweetheart with the largest fakers I had ever seen in real life and an enormous trout pout. Hey, whatever, girlfriend was rockin' it!

I used my typical line about the "legal limit of cherries" and she just batted her lashes and told me she didn't care. Then she handed me a separate glass of JUST cherries.

Cherry Rating: 14!!

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