Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Diego Rivera

Indian Warrior
 I /FINALLY/ went to the MOMA today. The Diego Rivera exhibit was amazing-- I didn't know anything about him and even though his artistic style may not be the kind that I am normally into, I have a tremendous amount of respect for him as an artist. The exhibit showcased 5 of the 8 original mobile murals that the Museum of Modern Art commissioned from him in 1931, and it was only the second solo show they had hosted. They flew him to NY 6 weeks before the show's opening, and he worked around the clock to produce five murals using traditional Mexican fresco technique, which consists of painting directly on the wet mortar with natural pigments. I think his entire palette consisted of something like only 8 colours! After the show opened he produced another 3 pieces... It just boggles my mind to produce so many works of art in so little time... Friggin downright gangsta.

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