Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years!

 I just had the greatest NYE last night! Stella and I went with Kindra and Laura to The Box! Gosh, that's a link heavy sentence. Anyway, The Box was really cute! I had never been there before and I loved the 1930's decor. I should have taken some pictures inside, but I'm sure there will be party pictures up soon enough.

I wish that I had taken a better picture of my makeup but apparently I only shot one on my cell! My New Years resolution is totally to always carry around my point and shoot and take more pictures. I mean, I carry around an enormous Betsey bag every day, there's no reason not to! Anyway, I am wearing this sick gold that I can't wait to put up on my site. I wish bottom lashes weren't so uncomfortable after a few hours, because I absolutely love how they look! Maybe I should suck it up and just wear them everyday anyway.

I am so in love with this dress! I got it custom made from Jamie Von Stratton a few months back and I'm always estatic to have a chance to wear it. If I was totally loaded I would get all my clothes from her. 

And of course, Stella looked amazing as usual! I am so jealous of her hair, but I guess I make up for it by having an obnoxious amount of wigs. I packed 7 wigs just for this trip! We'll see if I end up wearing all of them, the blue one I was wearing last night is my absolute favourite. We were going to wear matching bows but the huge bow looked just a bit too much with the exaggerated silhouette of my dress.

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