Monday, March 12, 2012

Blossom Vegetarian

After reading Vegan Score's review on the new (almost completely) vegan Vietnamese resturant Blossom Vegetarian in Renton, I absolutely HAD to go check it out for myself. (photos shamelessly stolen from here blog-- was wayyy too excited to eat to take my own!)

And oh my god, this girl was not exaggerating! I believe that I've found my new favoruite restaurant in the Seattle area.

The place was super cozy, the staff were very friendly, and the food was downright AMAZING.

We ordered the Spicy Green Mussels and the Pickled Vegetable Clay Pot. I'm obsessed with trying new food, and I will try anything that's vegan once. Anything. I was really excited to try the Mussels, but I had my reservations about the Pickled Vegetables-- I'm not a person who is into pickled foods, but I wanted to try something truly new. Like in Vegan Score's case, the server tried her best to talk us out of it as well, and we were warned repeatedly that it had a "strong smell" and that although it was a delicacy for them, that we probably wouldn't like it. It definitely had a very strong fermented fishy smell, but it was absolutely delicious-- like nothing I've ever had before. I expected it to be very tart/sour/vinegary, but it was nothing like that-- just rich and savoury. I strongly strongly recommend it.

I absolutely cannot wait to go back to this place. I can't wait to see what other treasures they have there! I KNOW IT'S IN RENTON AND I DON'T CARE IF YOU HAVE TO HITCHHIKE, YOU MUST GO!

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