Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cherry Review: The Mercury

The other night I went to The Mercury, a member's only goth/industrial club/bar between 10th and 11th on Union. I'm not a member so I have only been here a couple times (you need a member to sign you in). Apparently they have a dress code, but since I wear exclusively black I've never had an issue with it. It's not really my scene, but it's a cozy, smokey (yes, you can smoke inside there) dive bar with a dance floor.

Apparently, the "most cherries" that they can serve here is 2. Which, I should be thankful for because they were absolutely DISGUSTING. I mean, I can only extrapolate that for the second one because I wasn't about to eat it after tasting the first. It tasted old and dusty... apparently cherries are not common drink ingredients for goths. That, or the sheer amount of cigarette smoke in the place perpetuated through the "cherries." I put that in quotes, because whatever the abomination that was in my drink definitely do not qualify as cherries anymore.

Cherry rating: 0.

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