Thursday, March 15, 2012

Current Obsession: Coconut Oil

I am SO in love with coconut oil!

I mean, not only does it smell amazing and have an amazing texture, it's honestly done wonders for my skin and hair.

I've been on retin-a for breakouts for the last year or so, using it about 5-6x a week. It was keeping my skin pretty clear, but anyone who has used retin-a knows the side effects that, while usually relatively minor, can be very annoying (dry, flaky rough patches of skin, peeling, sun sensitivity, stinging, etc). About two months ago I decided to try using coconut oil on my face and although I was a little apprehensive to not use retin-a, to my great surprise it has continued to keep my skin clear-- and in fact, I feel that my skin is actually much better now than it was before. I feel that it's smoother, more moisturized, and I have fewer blackheads-- even though I'm pretty sure I was the only person who could see them.

I've also been putting it on my hair overnight and washing it off in the morning, especially before I dye it. My hair's been through a lot in the last 2 years-- I went from crayola red to white blonde and then finally to brunette  because I had to stop fighting biology since it was screwing up my hair way too much. Anyway, the combo of not completely annihilating my hair with chemicals each month as well as coconut oil treatments has made my hair feel better than it has in years.

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  1. Like you, using this oil is also my obsession. Making my hair and skin feel so soft and smooth are just some of the coconut oil benefits. It;s really effective for me aside from the fact that it is natural.