Saturday, March 31, 2012

Girl Crush: Lana Del Rey

I am obsessed with Lana Del Rey lately. I had no idea that "Sad-Core" was a genre, but it's exactly the kind of music I'm into (Case in point, my favourite band: Portland's A Weather). Who cares if she's changed her look, name, and has lip injections and a ballin' father? I feel like people get really unnerved and even hurt when they discover that someone's come from a background of privilege, but honestly, it would be stupid for privileged people to NOT take advantage of it.

Anyway, back to why I really love her. One- she's gorgeous. I love plastic surgery and huge lips so of course I love her enormous lips (although they look kind of lopsided in the Born to Die video, I'm amazed the makeup artist didn't even them out more). I love her 60's bombshell aesthetic. She's extremely sultry and sexy, yet could not look farther from the typical over-sexualized Maxim or Penthouse model. It's refreshing to see a girl who is completely dripping in sensuality in such a different manner. Her vocals are seductive, but in a sleepy, sad way. It reminds me of my tumultuous teenage years.

I'm in love.

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