Saturday, April 28, 2012

Booty Call Wednesdays @ QBar!

Gosh, I just got these photos from Nark Magazine from Booty Call at Qbar from when I was in SF last week! It was SO FUN, I can't wait to go there regularly after I move! Of course I'm wearing my favourite wig (I probably wear it too much, let's me honest) and a black eye!

With DeeJay/Photographer Nark himself, SWOOON so dreamy 
New friend! We are going to tear UP the city as soon as I get there!
And of course, the gorgeous Juanita Moore. Her makeup matches my hair! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Uhhhm Google, that's not what I meant...

In case you were wondering, I was looking for using silica kitty litter as a desiccant. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthday Shenanigans

I'm at SFO right now, waiting for my flight back to beautiful, sunny Seattle.

I celebrated my birthday today by attending a gentleman's lounge at 11am... I mean, how else would I do it up? It was pretty amazing. If this was a Cherry Review though, they would fail because they gave me ZERO cherries. The nerve.

I got a super cute new stuffie lemur (actually he's technically a polar bear, but I think it looks like an albino lemur so that's what I'm going with) which I named Elon after Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla & SpaceX. He's a pretty awesome guy, if you don't know much about him, Wired came out with a great article on him late last year.

Of course, everything I touch immediately turns into a Tranny.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

San Francisco!

I've been in San Francisco for almost two weeks and it's been SUCH a rollercoaster! I'm moving down here in about 3 weeks (I know, that's SO soon!). I really hated it the first couple days I was here, but I've come to see a a few more pros after being here a bit longer.

Things I liked:
  • You can buy vodka anywhere!
  • Speaking of vodka, meeting my best friend DJ Nark at the airport with a bottle and getting totally obliterated by the time we got into the city. I mean, I guess that's not really a perk of the city...
  • Asia SF, a tranny bar/dinner show. What! I haven't gone, but I'm totally going to see if they're hiring when I move.
  • The Kryolan store in America is here. I pretty much wet my pants when I visited! It's a makeup artists' paradise. I bought some clown eyelashes (no joke!) and a yellow "uv stick" which is their code word for lipstick, since the pigments are not FDA approved for lips. Clever.
  • Gracias Madre, a vegan Mexican restaurant in the Mission. I got tamales, which are one of my favourite foods, and tried flan for the first time ever. Everything was absolutely delicious and amazing, I can easily see this being one of my staple restaurants in the city.The server was really nice and confirmed for me that their food does, in fact, contain crack. Uhm hello, free crack? Definitely going back!
  • Also, fried plantains EVERYWHERE! And authentic Mexian food... not to mention super cute Mexican boys. Hello!
  • The De Young's current exhibition on Jean-Paul Gaultier. It's going until august, I highly recommend you check it out if you're in the area!

Things I did not like:
  • It's way too overpriced. If you don't have a crazy baller corporate job and/or a million friends with apartment hook ups, good luck finding a decent apartment in the city. Studios the size of my kitchen ---and I do not have a large kitchen!-- for $2200? Christ. I settled in a tiny one bedroom outside of the city instead. Although I feel like maybe that was a bad move, seeing how apparently public transit stops at midnight? Its a short lease so I guess we will see...
  • This place is DIRTY. I'm not OCD in any way but this place is just downright filthy. I walked by a child earlier as she exclaimed, "This place smells like pee AND barf!" Sounds like a pretty accurate description of the city.
  • Bart stops running at midnight. Like, whaaaat? Howsa tranny gunna get home? Guess I gotta make some friends in the castro!
  • It's way overcrowded. Everyone wants a piece of the tech and/or gay action, and for a 7 x 7 city full of 3 story townhouses?
  • Something about the weather/environment here completely wrecks my skin. Both times I've been here I've gotten the worst acne I've ever had since I was a teenager. Hello heavy dose of retin-a after I get back home! And I haven't needed to use that stuff for months due to using coconut oil...
  • The fog/chilly weather, especially in some parts of the city.
  • All the hills. Couldn't they have built the Mission a couple miles south? Seriously! I can't get a CAR up these things, how did they get their donkeys and carriages?
  • Herbivore - I was SO excited to try out this place because I've heard great things about it from pretty much everyone vegetarian/vegan but the food was barely mediocre and I've never gotten such atrociously terrible service. This isn't yelp so I'm not going go into a rant, but there are so many other vegetarian or vegan options in this city that there is no reason for me to ever go back. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Klaus Nomi inspired makeup

It's 4/20 today AND I'm in SF so I feel like I'm going to feel doubly alienated by this holiday. That's okay! I mean, just because it's not my thing doesn't mean I have anything against people who are into it. I probably look a little too goth and/or trampy for the daytime but I'm totally digging the pointy black lips. I also drew my bottom lip on a little smaller on the edges (like Klaus Nomi did as well) which gives it a small, yet pouty doll-like look. I don't know why I don't typically experiment with lip shapes. It's hard to see on the webcam but I'm wearing yellow eyeshadow around my eyes in a "C" shape a a highlight. I love that style! I'm super super happy with my makeup today... Feel like a fetishy Klaus Nomi bimbo barbie.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More trashy blondeness

Just a quick snap before I run out to meet up with a couple friends tonight!

Photoshoot: Ainsley Harte Part II

As promised, the second part of the shoot I did with Miss Ainsley Harte last week! Unfortunately this is when my camera died, so we didn't get to do nearly as much as we wanted... Like some gore, her dead on the stairs, or even some body shots! Such a bummer because she just moved away too! She looked so great though, although she had a bit of an uncanny resemblance to Stella. I told Stella that I missed her so much that I tried to make a new her!
Eating my Swagger Cosmetics eyeshadow lolipops, haha.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Alexandra Metal Clown

I totally forgot to post there before! My girl Alexandra Metal Clown sent these to me a couple weeks ago. I love her so much, she is the sweetest doll and has the most brutal personal style that I have ever ever encountered. She makes all her own clothes, and her outfits are all completely out of control insane! Here she is wearing Swagger & Rad Bitch from my line, and she looks friggin BOMB.


Photoshoot: Ainsley Harte

Had some fun with Ainsley Harte last week... I was so jealous of her uncanny ability to look great both as a boy and a girl! Let me tell you, when I was a boy I was totally NOT this cute! I can't wait to show you guys how she looked after I worked some makeup magics.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nurse Nancy

I spent this entire weekend working on Julia PlanetDisco's film, Nurse Nancy, staring my best friend as the lead. I had gone over the script so many times, and it was so great seeing everything finally come together. I did everyone's makeup, made (and also forgot) a bunch of props, and also had a short cameo as one of the orderlies. I got a little bit spoiled because we ate mighty-o maple bars and vodka every day.

Stella, Julia
All photos by Christian Anderson
We shot in a defunct hospital wing at Landmark on the Sound. It was so amazing. There were rooms full of wheelchairs, which made me completely freak out because I LOVE wheelchairs! I spent half the day wheeling around in a child sized wheelchair, and even did most everyone's makeup in it! There was also a tiny, dark room with a creepy vintage seafoam green gynecology table that I got strapped into for a while. 



The patient was played by Alder Sherwood, who was absolutely amazing. She stayed in character the entire shoot, which was equally awesome and unnerving. I was completely floored by how great she was, and I would be incredibly delighted to work with her again... Maybe next time I don't have to make her look terrible. 


Monday, April 9, 2012

Literally the saddest thing I have experienced in a long time

nikon d3 err error

Nikon, I don't understand how a 10k camera needs fixing every 6 months.

More Photography Adventures: Lady Tatas

Last week I shot with Lady Tatas of Sinner Saint Burlesque. She is an incredible dancer and bonafide show girl, and had just returned from performing for over a month in London! I was so jealous-- London and NY are my favourite places in the world! She is downright beautiful! I cannot wait to work with her again. Her apartment was super cute and was so cozy, vintage, and glamorous. 

And for fun, as a teal silhouette in front of the window. Would have probably been better if I actually owned any form of lighting equipment... Hmm, maybe I should get a clippy lamp for my head again...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Life In Plastic-- It's Fantastic!

I don't know why, but I look like I am made out of plastic in this picture.

Remember how I was pretending to be a photographer?

In this post? This is the lighting set up I had. I wasn't kidding about the only light source in the room being a clip light on my head!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Party Schmarty Train Party!

blake karamazov

Went to a party on a train last night! I love this wig, it makes me look like such a fishy bimbo. It was so fun but I was only there for about an hour because I had the busiest night beforehand! My friend Stella was in town and it was so great so see her. This weekend is going to be insane since we are shooting the movie ALL WEEKEND. More info on that later... I actually have to get running right now!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Elvira Snooki

Went out last night with what I called an Elvira Snooki look. Elvira due to the ridiculous cleavage (not pictured), black outfit (obviously) and makeup, and Snooki because of my ridiculous spray tan and pouf. 

     This makeup was probably the most uncomfortable makeup I've worn in a very, very long time. I wore four pairs of lashes, three on top and one on bottom. I placed two pairs on top of my crease to give my eyes a larger/rounder shape, and drew under my eyes with white to further give the illusion of larger eyes. I loved how it looked, but I could not wait to get home to rip all the lashes off.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Behind the scenes pictures from Shena Lee shooting SailorHank for the lookbook for my makeup line. Can't wait to see everything, these pictures are going to be EPIC!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pornstars & Pin ups!

I went to a party last week that was themed Pornstars & Pin ups! I dressed up as a 60's influenced pin up... however, when I got there I realized there were only about five other people (not including performers) who were in themed outfits. BORING! Oh well, I still danced all night! The bartender was super cute and made us the most ridiculously strong drinks. 

 That girl is Miss Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. She is amazing! A true female drag queen! I was totally blown away by her energy and performance... she actually sings! I'm really excited to shoot with her in the upcoming weeks.

And of course that gorgeous girl in the center is Cherry Markos, who I have a /major/ girl crush on! She is SO FISH. I could not take my eyes off her the whole night, she probably found it borderline unsettling.