Friday, April 20, 2012

Klaus Nomi inspired makeup

It's 4/20 today AND I'm in SF so I feel like I'm going to feel doubly alienated by this holiday. That's okay! I mean, just because it's not my thing doesn't mean I have anything against people who are into it. I probably look a little too goth and/or trampy for the daytime but I'm totally digging the pointy black lips. I also drew my bottom lip on a little smaller on the edges (like Klaus Nomi did as well) which gives it a small, yet pouty doll-like look. I don't know why I don't typically experiment with lip shapes. It's hard to see on the webcam but I'm wearing yellow eyeshadow around my eyes in a "C" shape a a highlight. I love that style! I'm super super happy with my makeup today... Feel like a fetishy Klaus Nomi bimbo barbie.

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