Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nurse Nancy

I spent this entire weekend working on Julia PlanetDisco's film, Nurse Nancy, staring my best friend as the lead. I had gone over the script so many times, and it was so great seeing everything finally come together. I did everyone's makeup, made (and also forgot) a bunch of props, and also had a short cameo as one of the orderlies. I got a little bit spoiled because we ate mighty-o maple bars and vodka every day.

Stella, Julia
All photos by Christian Anderson
We shot in a defunct hospital wing at Landmark on the Sound. It was so amazing. There were rooms full of wheelchairs, which made me completely freak out because I LOVE wheelchairs! I spent half the day wheeling around in a child sized wheelchair, and even did most everyone's makeup in it! There was also a tiny, dark room with a creepy vintage seafoam green gynecology table that I got strapped into for a while. 



The patient was played by Alder Sherwood, who was absolutely amazing. She stayed in character the entire shoot, which was equally awesome and unnerving. I was completely floored by how great she was, and I would be incredibly delighted to work with her again... Maybe next time I don't have to make her look terrible. 



Indigo Blue

The second day we shot at Miss Indigo Blue's house, who is literally the Reigning Queen of Burlesque in the world. Her place was absolutely amazing!




  1. Maybe the first film shot ever where the entire crew could of had their own wheel chair ?