Sunday, April 22, 2012

San Francisco!

I've been in San Francisco for almost two weeks and it's been SUCH a rollercoaster! I'm moving down here in about 3 weeks (I know, that's SO soon!). I really hated it the first couple days I was here, but I've come to see a a few more pros after being here a bit longer.

Things I liked:
  • You can buy vodka anywhere!
  • Speaking of vodka, meeting my best friend DJ Nark at the airport with a bottle and getting totally obliterated by the time we got into the city. I mean, I guess that's not really a perk of the city...
  • Asia SF, a tranny bar/dinner show. What! I haven't gone, but I'm totally going to see if they're hiring when I move.
  • The Kryolan store in America is here. I pretty much wet my pants when I visited! It's a makeup artists' paradise. I bought some clown eyelashes (no joke!) and a yellow "uv stick" which is their code word for lipstick, since the pigments are not FDA approved for lips. Clever.
  • Gracias Madre, a vegan Mexican restaurant in the Mission. I got tamales, which are one of my favourite foods, and tried flan for the first time ever. Everything was absolutely delicious and amazing, I can easily see this being one of my staple restaurants in the city.The server was really nice and confirmed for me that their food does, in fact, contain crack. Uhm hello, free crack? Definitely going back!
  • Also, fried plantains EVERYWHERE! And authentic Mexian food... not to mention super cute Mexican boys. Hello!
  • The De Young's current exhibition on Jean-Paul Gaultier. It's going until august, I highly recommend you check it out if you're in the area!

Things I did not like:
  • It's way too overpriced. If you don't have a crazy baller corporate job and/or a million friends with apartment hook ups, good luck finding a decent apartment in the city. Studios the size of my kitchen ---and I do not have a large kitchen!-- for $2200? Christ. I settled in a tiny one bedroom outside of the city instead. Although I feel like maybe that was a bad move, seeing how apparently public transit stops at midnight? Its a short lease so I guess we will see...
  • This place is DIRTY. I'm not OCD in any way but this place is just downright filthy. I walked by a child earlier as she exclaimed, "This place smells like pee AND barf!" Sounds like a pretty accurate description of the city.
  • Bart stops running at midnight. Like, whaaaat? Howsa tranny gunna get home? Guess I gotta make some friends in the castro!
  • It's way overcrowded. Everyone wants a piece of the tech and/or gay action, and for a 7 x 7 city full of 3 story townhouses?
  • Something about the weather/environment here completely wrecks my skin. Both times I've been here I've gotten the worst acne I've ever had since I was a teenager. Hello heavy dose of retin-a after I get back home! And I haven't needed to use that stuff for months due to using coconut oil...
  • The fog/chilly weather, especially in some parts of the city.
  • All the hills. Couldn't they have built the Mission a couple miles south? Seriously! I can't get a CAR up these things, how did they get their donkeys and carriages?
  • Herbivore - I was SO excited to try out this place because I've heard great things about it from pretty much everyone vegetarian/vegan but the food was barely mediocre and I've never gotten such atrociously terrible service. This isn't yelp so I'm not going go into a rant, but there are so many other vegetarian or vegan options in this city that there is no reason for me to ever go back. 

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