Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eyeshadow Primer Reviews

Using primers under your makeup, especially eye makeup, is an absolute MUST. A good primer should enhance the colours and longevity of your makeup, and keep it from creasing and smudging.

I've been using Urban Decay Primer Potion for years, but ever since they changer their formula a year or so ago, it hasn't been the same. I remember once I flew to London and my makeup stayed almost flawless throughout the 20+ hour trip... Now I'm lucky if my eyeshadow doesn't crease in 3 hours. I's so oily that most eye makeup will crease immediately and disappear within 5-10 minutes without primer, and I've never ever kept blush on for an entire day before.

Anyway, I've been on the hunt for a new primer! First try was Stila Prime Pot, which I was super hopeful for because it makes your makeup waterproof! AWESOME! However, the colour I tried ( the lighter of the two) was way too dark and pink toned (and I'm not pale-- between a MAC NC25/30). As for as longevity, this barely did better than 3-4 hours before creasing.

I then tried Makeup Forever Eye Prime, which I was extremely excited for! Ive always loved MUFE products, but this wasn't for me. I think it lasted no more than 3 hours. Back to sephora.

The next one I tried is Benefit Stay Don't Stray. I loved the colour (light yellow) and texture (like a creamy foundation) and it went on very smooth. I think it stayed a little better than 4 hours, but honestly, I need something that will at least get me through the entire work day... I'm tired of having to redo my makeup when I'm supposed to be eating! I really wanted to like this product, and I think that if you were not a bonafide oil machine then it'd be fine for you.

The one I've settled on for now is Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. It still barely works over the 5 hour mark, for me but it's the best I've tried so far!


Friday, May 25, 2012


Gosh I had such an epic last night in Seattle, thank you everyone for making it so great!! I was so sad to say goodbye to everyone, but I had such an amazing time! I miss everyone so much and can't wait to come back to visit!
With my gorgeous husband Justin. We matched!
 A couple of my besties, I cried when I had to say bye to both of them!
With my bestie Kay and my my mum... Obvious family resemblance. And yes, obviously my daddy was a midget. I can't really be bitter, because I think it's safe to say that we've all had these things happen. 
 My hairdressers from Sideshow Salon! They are seriously the best salon in Seattle, hands down. Zaki is a downright hair genius and Kelley is one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever met. They were doing cuts and updos all night in the club, which is pretty much the raddest thing ever. Check them out on yelp and facebook! I think that one of the worst parts of moving is having to find new hairdressers! 
 With the perfect Kenny and Jinkx Monsoon. She is always flawless. THE NERVE OF SOME PEOPLE.
This may be the most epic photo I have ever seen, and it pretty much sums up the entire night. I love you Maxwell!


Friday, May 11, 2012

How much money would you need to swim through it Scrooge style?

Even though this came out in late April, I just stumbled upon The Billfold's article: How Much Money You Need To Realistically Recreate The Scrooge McDuck ‘Gold Coin Swim’. Through some shoddy math and  inaccurate numbers (such as calculating the price for gold at $5 per oz when in reality it was $35 in 1947 when the cartoon was created or a staggering $1630 in present day) the author states that Scrooge's vault contains a cool $31 billion. Well, the boy's all about the fake math anyway, so I'm not going to hate.

Wolf Gnards had an excellent article a few years ago on this same subject, and through the assumption that each coin is the equivalent to a dollar and is roughly the size of a silver dollar, McDuck's vault would be worth upwards of $27 trillion. Using Wolf Gnard's calcuations, however, and assuming that each coin is the same weight of a silver dollar (26.73grams/.94oz) but made of solid gold, then McDuck's stash of petty cash would be worth $44 Quadrillian (which are one thousand million millions).

However, neither article answer the matter at hand. I don't really care about how much Mister Scrooge is worth, I just want to know how much money you need to be able to swim through it S-McDizzle style-- you know, if gold coins together formed more of a liquid and not a hard, floor-like surface

A fairly conservative private pool of 12 x 24 feet with an average depth of 6 feet, would hold 14 million coins (assuming again that they have the same dimension as a silver dollar), and made out of solid gold would equate to $24 trillion. Ugh, dream on. I don't even want to know how much you would need for an Olympic size pool...

Okay okay, how about something very modest? What would it take to fill a large Kiddie pool, perhaps something around 26 cubic feet/200 gal? A paltry $373 million! Totally affordable! And if you're a billionaire, you can fill your entire hot tub and still have your lady money on the side. I'm hoping that someone has done this! If not... Well, ballers of the world, I am disappoint.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I know, I know it's been a while with no updates

I've been in SUCH a mad scramble these last two weeks since I landed back in warm, sunny, beautiful Seattle.

I'm busy packing like crazy for my move, doing makeup/photoshoots, going out, planning my farewell outfits (oh TRUST, they will be epic!) and saying my goodbyes! I have some super amazing photos from my shoots lately that I can't wait to show you guys, but it's probably going to be a while before I will have the chance to actually sit down and edit them. Between everything right now I've barely had time to sit down

I'm going to be having a little sale at my apartment next weekend, getting rid of my less worn wigs, clothes, and backstock of all my Swagger Cosmetics!

Okay, gotta run.. promise a better blog post soon! XOXO