Friday, May 11, 2012

How much money would you need to swim through it Scrooge style?

Even though this came out in late April, I just stumbled upon The Billfold's article: How Much Money You Need To Realistically Recreate The Scrooge McDuck ‘Gold Coin Swim’. Through some shoddy math and  inaccurate numbers (such as calculating the price for gold at $5 per oz when in reality it was $35 in 1947 when the cartoon was created or a staggering $1630 in present day) the author states that Scrooge's vault contains a cool $31 billion. Well, the boy's all about the fake math anyway, so I'm not going to hate.

Wolf Gnards had an excellent article a few years ago on this same subject, and through the assumption that each coin is the equivalent to a dollar and is roughly the size of a silver dollar, McDuck's vault would be worth upwards of $27 trillion. Using Wolf Gnard's calcuations, however, and assuming that each coin is the same weight of a silver dollar (26.73grams/.94oz) but made of solid gold, then McDuck's stash of petty cash would be worth $44 Quadrillian (which are one thousand million millions).

However, neither article answer the matter at hand. I don't really care about how much Mister Scrooge is worth, I just want to know how much money you need to be able to swim through it S-McDizzle style-- you know, if gold coins together formed more of a liquid and not a hard, floor-like surface

A fairly conservative private pool of 12 x 24 feet with an average depth of 6 feet, would hold 14 million coins (assuming again that they have the same dimension as a silver dollar), and made out of solid gold would equate to $24 trillion. Ugh, dream on. I don't even want to know how much you would need for an Olympic size pool...

Okay okay, how about something very modest? What would it take to fill a large Kiddie pool, perhaps something around 26 cubic feet/200 gal? A paltry $373 million! Totally affordable! And if you're a billionaire, you can fill your entire hot tub and still have your lady money on the side. I'm hoping that someone has done this! If not... Well, ballers of the world, I am disappoint.

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