Monday, July 16, 2012

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

I had the immense pleasure of hanging out and shooting with one of the raddest bitches in Seattle, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang before I left. This queen is F.I.E.R.C.E.! She was a performer at Julia's on Broadway for almost two years, which is home of Seattle's longest running celebrity drag impersonation show. It's very, very prestigious for a drag queen to perform there, and they just about never hire biologically-female drag queens. This girl sings live (she's got one of the most wicked set of pipes I've ever heard), is an absolute top notch dancer, and has the most ridiculously perfect hourglass figure...And to top it all off has an absolutely fearless, infectiously bubbly, and unabashedly loving personality. We bonded immediately over our love of lingerie, glitter, and what it's like to be hyperfeminine in the modern age.

Anyway, she is SUCH a dream. I wish we had met sooner! We had such a great day. Check out the rest after the cut!


And branching out from her typical bombshell pin-up look:

This is probably the raddest prop ever, and you know I can't resist putting blood on everyone!

Friggin Gnarly
I hope you are now as in love with her as I! Remember to follow her on facebook to be updated of all her performances. 

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