Monday, August 6, 2012

Real life Badgirl

I get told all the time that I look like Bei Badgirl's paintings... in fact, Bei even told me that herself! It was extremely flattering to hear that directly from the artist.

Anyway, I decided to emulate the makeup look she has on her girls. I was initially worried that the unique shape of the exaggerated eyeshadow was going to be unflattering, but I was pleasantly surprised! I decided to forgo the bottom lashes (either drawn or falsies) because I wanted to keep it more realistic, and also to not detract from the upper eye makeup. 

I would definitely wear a more subtle version of this on the daily, and maybe be a real badgirl all the time!
The lighting in my apartment is terrible and my camera was dying so I only got one non-blurry shot from my real camera. But at least here you can see my makeup clearly-- wearing sheered out pink lolipop blush and gloss from my line, Swagger Cosmetics!

I tried to emulate the poses and, uhm, "wardrobe" of her girls.