Friday, September 21, 2012

Hiatus + News!

I apologize for the hiatus I've had, I had my phone stolen a while back (thank you SF) and it's made me so disconnected! It's hard for me to want to be online when I couldn't text or talk to any of my friends, and I also spent another week in Seattle where I didn't really have internet either. I did take the opportunity to get very far in Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, which has kind of ruined my life a little (but more about that later).

Anyway, exciting news! My brand Swagger Cosmetics is going to be featured in the upcoming November Beauty Box 5 box! Beauty sampling programs, where you pay a nominal fee (usually between 10-15USD)  and receive a package of new products to try out every month, are getting quite popular. They look for new brands and products for you to try out, so you don't have to! I've always wanted to subscribe to one, so imagine my absolute delight when I was asked to participate! Anyway, I've been busy putting together over 2,000 deluxe samples for you all to try out-- and have watched A LOT of x-files in the process (which may be the best show to ever grace television).

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