Monday, October 1, 2012

Folsom Street Fair 2012

I got to go to Folsom last week, and it was so fun! I'm not into the BDSM/Leather scene, but I'm always excited to see people dressed up (or undressed) in a way that is different from the norm. We saw some live kink shows, which were not really what we were into, but it was fun and different to experience.

I wore my custom Jamie Von Stratton dress that I also wore on New Years, it's one of my absolute favourite articles of clothing but sadly I don't find enough events to wear it to. Also, I want it to stay magical, so I can't wear it every week! I was probably one of the most covered up people there, which is kind of ironic since it's usually the exact opposite!

I had a lot of fun with my makeup though, I decided to do a graphic liner with no shadow, which is definitely a different look for me because I /always/ have some shadow on! I loved it though, and I feel like it kind of gave me a distant/blank/glossy eyed look. I paired it with my favourite teal wigs (yes, plural), bright cheeks, and green glitter lips.

My friend Tiger. He loves to make accessories with broken glass, it's so fantastic! We tried to not stop too often because it would be about 10 minutes until we got to move again, I guess people really liked our outfits. Our biggest pet peeve was when people called it "costumes," though-- Uhm, we look like this EVERY day! Also, I don't even know what kind of costumes these would be...

Some random fabulous ladies we ran into. Check out those EYES!

Poking around online later, I also somehow missed out on this lady, Misstress Liliane Hunt, who is a drop dead gorgeous mistress! I wish I saw her in person, she looks absolutely stunning.
Photo by Jessica Worthington / Golden Gate Xpress
I can't wait for next year! I'll update again if I get any more photos trickling through!

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  1. Hi! Love your sense of fashion! This pointy shoulder sequin dress is just drop dead awesome! Did you have it custom made?