Wednesday, October 3, 2012

San Francisco Fashion Week

Last week my friend Tiger and I went to San Francisco Fashion week (well, okay, only the big show on Sunday). It was so much fun! I met so many fun people who I cant wait to work with in the future.

I've been really digging the vampy look for fall, and I wasn't the only one! Everywhere I looked there were girls rocking deep lips. I typically wear (bright) red, hot pink, orange, or nude on my lips, so this is definitely a different look for me. I also almost never wear black hair, but I've been really enjoying it with this look.

I wanted to go for a no-eyebrow glitter cat eye look like I usually do, but have it different than usual. I drew dots under each eye, and had a different pattern for each eye to give it both a unique look, as well as make it easier for application since I didn't have to worry about symmetry. I loved this look!

It's hard to see in this picture, but I wore a lace yoke top over an american apparel onesie. I'm not sure why I went for a essentially bottomless look when I was surrounded by super tall skinny girls, but whatever! I'm essentially wearing all the same accessories (including wig/hair accessories) as I did the day before at a lolita meetup (post coming soon!), and it's amazing how different or versatile they can be depending on the outfit. The outfits are clearly different, but are tied together with the same accessories. I think I should take a week wearing the same accessories, and build all my outfits around them.
So silly!
Hey, gotta keep the sponsors happy! 
Anyway, enough about me, on to the show! There were six designers, but the ones who stood out to me were Artful Gentleman, who showed off perfectly tailored suits with the most fun pocket squares I've ever seen. I unfortunately couldn't find any photos of the collection they showed, but I'll update this when the pictures come through.

I also adored Camelia Skikos, whose inspiration came from the rigid sharpess and beauty of modern architecture. I loved seeing her unique mixture of textiles and silhouettes, and out of all the collections this was definitely the one that I could most see myself wearing (although the colour palette of the collection pictured below may have something to do with it!)

I also adored Van Der Neer: The 11th Dimension, whose clothing was full of fun and cheeky cutouts, embellishments, patterns and shapes that I had never seen before.
My friend Tiger in his Van Der Neer outfit
The designer duo behind Van Der Neer


  1. Hey hun, nice to hear you're enjoying SF Fashion Week! ;) I want to try your makeup soon! I'm actually in Phuket right now :)