Monday, November 19, 2012


Last week, I went to the San Francisco Raw Artists awards show as a sponsor. I saw one of the worst burlesque shows ever (I'm sorry, I'm from Seattle so I have a fairly high reasonable standard for) but I also  met a lot of fantastic artists and designers. 

I've been tired of my over-the-top girly/lolita look that my styles been gravitating towards lately, so I've been working more hip-hop influence back into my style. I loved the contrast of this outfit with the puff sleeve button up top and the conservative pencil skirt with the high-top patent kicks and Boy London cap.

 I'm totally in love with the cap. Thanks Gina for sending it to me!
And gasp! I have eyebrows. What!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Part 2

Dulce de Leche And I hosted a little Halloween party at Midnight Sun in the Castro, and it was a ton of fun! We saw a bunch of really awesome costumes, from scary witches handing out candy to a whole plethora of comic book/nerd fantasies. I dressed up as a creepy ventriloquist dummy, complete with a huge novelty bow! I still don't remember where I got that,but I've had it forever. I had such a great Halloween this year, but I'm really glad it's over! Now to get ready for Thanksgiving...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

McQueen-Flukeman Costume

I had the strangest costume for Halloween. I tend to watch TV shows while I package my cosmetics, and my favourite TV show has to be X-files. Don't even get me started on how much I love Mulder (and Scully, too)! Anyway, while re-watching The Host, I couldn't help but notice a slight resemblance between the Flukeman (the monster of the episode) and this outfit from Alexander McQueen's fall 2009 collection:

Okay, okay, so it's a very LOOSE resemblance, but I was still inspired. I ended up wearing an all white outfit, complete with gloves and opaque tights. Definitely pretty weird for someone whose closet is completely black! I painted my face completely white, drew on huge bloody McQueen lips, and wrapped my head in an unmanageable amount of white tulle. By the end of the night my makeup was blotchy and smeared and the tulle had completely fallen and was randomly wrapped around me.

It's so eerie.

I'm actually downright impressed that one person figured out who I was.

SF Bay Guardian Article on Swagger Cosmetics

These last two weeks have been insane! I've been bouncing between gogoing, hosting parties, and working a whole sling of photoshoots. That and, uhm all that Halloween stuff. In the middle I found some time to sit down for an extremely fun interview with Caitlin Donohue for the San Francisco Bay Guardian. We discussed beauty, gender-bending, and how I'll know I've made it over vegan pie and while pedestrians outside not-so-discreetly took photos. Click the photo to read the article!