Sunday, December 2, 2012

Drag Queen Makeup

I got super dragged out for a party last night-- I guess I was inspired by the crazy drag race weekend the week before! It's hard to tell on my crummy webcam, but I even contoured my face with creme foundation like a real drag queen, instead of powder which is more typical. It felt a bit heavy at first, but was okay after I "cooked" for a little bit and set it with powder. Also, this is coming from someone who doesn't wear foundation on a daily basis!
I'm loving the overarched and very high brows, the over the top shimmer, and of course, the HUGE cat eyes. It's crazy how BAD this look was before all the elements were in place.
For this look I'm wearing my Swagger Cosmetics eyeshadow in Swagger & Artstar, Golden Rose & Rad Bitch on cheeks, and a mixture of the lolipop glosses on lips.

I guess I was bored because I'm making so many dumb faces!

Anyway, whenever the official party pictures are up I'll post them! The party itself was a bit silly, but it was at the W-- which means it's definitely a fancy enough place to have my favourite drink (a Hendricks and St. Germain cocktail, if you were wondering).

Oh, and check out this awesome guy I ran into on the way home!
It's pretty rare for me to ask for others to take a picture with me... which it happened more often!

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