Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I just got back from a magical week in super sparkly Vegas! One of my friends from college was getting married, and it also gave me an excuse to see another great friend of mine. Sometimes you don't realize how great your friends are until after you don't see them for forever.

No surprises here, this is what my carryon liquids always looks like. Toothpaste, Justin Bieber perfume, and vodka.

We found a place that had vegan doughnuts called Ronalds Donuts. This right here is a face of PURE JOY. Not only did they have raised doughnuts (as opposed to the denser/cake variety), they were insanely cheap at $1.30 a piece (where most other places would sell them for 3-4$!). I thought I had died and went to glitter-vegan heaven. We spent an entire day eating nothing but doughnuts (not an exaggeration) and each bought a dozen to take home. The box didn't fit in my bag, so I had twelve individually wrapped doughnuts roaming loose in my carry on. Kind of amazing.

Getting ready to go out to the best bar in Vegas, the Chandelier at the Cosmopolitan. It's a three floor bar that's set up like an enormous Chandelier!

The cocktail waitress gave us these flowers that make our mouth numb! Definitely ask for them if you get the chance-- they're on the 2nd level. It was definitely a crazy feeling-- I kind of want to see if I can just buy a bunch of them and eat them all the time!

We ran into these funny beer ads in one of the casinos. I think it was NY NY, but I'm not sure. I swear the one on the right is Amanda Lepore!

We were staying in Planet Hollywood when the Miss Universes were there as well. We caught them walking by-- I swear, I spent about 10 minutes with my jaw on the floor! I have never, ever, EVER seen so many gorgeous women in one place. I mean, I suppose they are the most beautiful women on the planet! They smiled and waved because they liked my outfit, and hopefully I didn't stare too rudely!

I'll post pictures from the wedding when I get them. My friend, the bride, was stunning! I have been to so many weddings the last couple months, and I love them all.


  1. Mmm... at donuts.

    Wow at the Chandelier. I was in Vegas in October and didn't even know it existed. It sounds amazing and those flowers sound really neat.

    1. You have to go there next time! It's seriously so amazing. Try to stick to the middle or top floor.

  2. where do I begin with makeup? I have no idea what I'm doing

    1. If you live in SF I offer lessons! I also find youtube or beauty blogs to be helpful, but I can't really think of any specific ones. It can seem like a lot-- but start one thing at a time. I.e. focus on foundation or eyes, and after you've watched everything on youtube on that topic and practiced, move on to the next part. Sorry I can't be more helpful!

    2. thanks
      I figured there is no secret, just practice