Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Guest Post: Chetana of StyleCraze

Hey everyone! Today I have a very special guest post from Chetana, the Founder of StyleCraze - India's largest beauty network. Chetana is an aspiring makeup artist, and her speciality lies with colours and contrast. I'm happy to share this simple nail art tutorial from her!

Nail art is very easy to do and sometimes very basic things can create excellent nail art designs. One such thing is a scotch tape. It is not only great for arts and crafts but also works perfectly for nail art. In this post, I will show you how to create some cool stripes with the help of a scotch tape.

Step 1:
Remove traces of previous nail polish and shape your nails. Smoothen out the nail bed with a buffer. If your nails are brittle and prone to breakage, then apply a layer of base coat/ strengthening coat first to help it stay strong. This also keeps the nail healthy.

Step 2:
Apply the base shade on your nails and let it dry. This can be any shade as long as you choose a shade on which the stripes look prominent. Nude shades look great with any contrasting color!

Step 3:
Take a small piece of scotch tape and using a scissor, cut it into thin pieces. For nails of medium length, 3 or 4 pieces will do just fine. You can use narrower strips to make it look even beautiful. The number of stripes is up to you! But at the beginning, use minimum number of pieces so that you may practice before attempting with more than 4 pieces of tape.

Step 4:
Now put these pieces on the nails horizontally at equal distances. The more stripes you want, the narrower the gaps. The stripes could be thin or thick depending on your preference. Now after the strips are placed we will proceed with the next step.

Step 5:
With the tapes over the nail with previous nail polish, take the second shade of polish (blue) and apply it over the exposed areas of the nails. Use small strokes and try not to go over the tape. If you do go over don’t worry if the polish spreads over the tape. After applying the nail polish, keep it on for a while.

 Step 6:

After the nail polish dries, gently pull the strips out. Do this carefully so as to keep the nail art intact.

Step 7:
Apply a coat of clear nail paint to seal the nail art. Applying top coat not only smoothens out the nails over the uneven application of nail paint but also keeps the nail art intact for a long time.

Hope you liked my tutorial. Visit StyleCraze for more tutorials on how to do nail art at home.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Nark Magazine: Drag Princess Tips

I'm happy to announce that I've started guest blogging at Nark Magazine! Please check in weekly for makeup and beauty tips and tricks!

For my first week, and to celebrate all the new Swagger Cosmetics glitters that just arrived, my article is on glitter!

Click the photo to read it!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

DAMSF Swagger Cosmetics Show

Hey guys! I'm happy to share this video with you guys from my makeup runway show the other night! I've worked a million shows, but I've never put together my own! It was a fun and eye-opening experience, and I hope to have one again soon! Anyway, here's a video from the crowd, and I'll post pictures as soon as I get them back!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to Dye Your Hair GREY!

dyed grey hair, dyed  gray hair, silver hair, pastel hair, how to
(With flash)
dyed grey hair, dyed  gray hair, silver hair, pastel hair, how to
(No flash)
I just dyed my hair grey and I seriously COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!
Wow, this was a hard colour to achieve, and I have a feeling it's going to be just as difficult to upkeep!
Actually, the process itself wasn't bad-- but the most difficult part was finding which products to use. There are a LOT of guides for dyeing your hair silver or white, but I couldn't find any for this darker shade of grey (or gray, if you will). 

First of all, you do NOT need to lighten your hair to a pale yellow or white for this, unlike if you wanted silver hair. This was my hair before:
Sorry it's flat and dirty! I thought of taking a before colour pic at the last moment, before washing it
(showing the dark spots)
As you can see, my hair was a medium-dark brassy blonde (I swear it wasn't typically so brassy, but I knew I was going to be dyeing it so I had been skipping the purple conditioner), with just a hint of platinum in the front. 

These are the products I used. The product on the left is Wella Color Charm in 050. It's actually not meant to be used as a standalone dye, but is actually a drabber or colour additive that you would add to another colour to increase cool tones. There are a lot of drabbers or colour additives on the market, but this was the only one with reviews for producing grey or silver hair.

The other product is Roux Fanci-Full temporary Haircolor in True Steel. It's a medium-viscosity liquid tint you apply to your hair to enhance the colour, but washes out after each shampoo. I put it in spots that I thought weren't as grey, and I'm sure I'll be using a LOT of if once my colour begins to fade! I purchased both items at Sallys, and they were about 5-6$ each. Make sure you get at extra of the Wella! I used approximately 1.5 bottles for my asymmetrical shoulder-ish length hair. I also recommend a bottle of blue-violet conditioner to upkeep the colour.

From what I know (I'm not a professional though, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) , toner works better on freshly washed hair, so I shampooed my hair and skipped the conditioner. After my hair was dry I mixed up the Wella with a 10 volume developer (which is deposit only--no lifting. Obviously since we're going darker, you do not need a stronger developer). The ratio is 1:2 Wella:Developer.
Dye hair grey, Dye hair gray, grey hair, gray hair, silver hair, pastel hair, dye, how to
It's so dark when it's processing! Also, notice how the lighter parts of my hair  are pulling blue
After a successful strand test (please make sure you do a strand test when trying out new, weird colours!), I left it on for about 30 minutes, as opposed to the 2-10 minutes you would typically leave something like this one if you're trying simply trying to tone your hair. 

Dye hair grey, Dye hair gray, grey hair, gray hair, silver hair, pastel hair, dye, how to
Yay, end result!
Also, this colour is bloody hard to photograph-- depending on the lighting situation, camera settings, and presence of flash, my hair looks anything from lavender blonde to blue to dark grey. I think this above picture is probably the closest to how I see it in real life.

Now some closeups: 
Dye hair grey, Dye hair gray, grey hair, gray hair, silver hair, pastel hair, dye, how to
For some reason my roots came out a bit brown, and didn't soak up the toner as well. It's less noticeable in real life, and my hair is darker/less blue.
Dye hair grey, Dye hair gray, grey hair, gray hair, silver hair, pastel hair, dye, how to
Don't know why this picture is so blown out (sorry!) but I'm showing the same dark spots as before. As you can see, even those parts are now grey!

Dye hair grey, Dye hair gray, grey hair, gray hair, silver hair, pastel hair, dye, how to
There are still some brassy parts in my hair, as you can see here. I think this is because I probably had some conditioner residue in my hair, since most my the brassiness is on my ends, and those were actually lighter than the rest of my hair. This is why you get the Fanci-full though, so you can touch up these spots!

Hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have any questions, XOXO!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Kay LaRose visit!

Kay LaRose, Bart, San Francisco, cold

My gorgeous best friend & model/actor Kay LaRose came and visited me, and we had such a whirlwind week! One day we spent well over twelve hours, just walking, shopping, drinking and dancing all around SF! We were both exhausted and sore the next day. Now that I look bad on it, I don't understand how we spent SO much time shopping, yet neither of us ended up with more than two items the entire time.

Kay LaRose, makeup, blonde, lipstick, bow, wig

Kay LaRose, makeup, blonde, lipstick, bow, wig, hello kitty cups
Drinking St. Germain cocktails out of hello kitty cups! I had a small dinner party and apparently didn't have enough wine/cocktail glasses for everyone, so hello kitty it was!

Kay LaRose, makeup, blonde, lipstick, bow, wig
I gotta touch up everywhere I go, apparently

Kay LaRoselipstick, bow, teal wig
Having a drink at the Armory Club-- my new favourite place! They have happy hour from 5-8, and super fancy drinks for only $7! I'm definitely going to have to go again soon! Our drinks were fantastic, and the decor of the place is amazing-- super dark, with a glowing bar and off black damask walls. In love!

Out dancing in the Castro, at Badlands. I love that place because they play tons of top 40 and 90s-- my two favourites! 

Ahh, I wish every week could be so fun!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Photobooth fun!

bei badgirl makeup, photobooth, kay larosebei badgirl makeup, photobooth, kay larose

One of my BFFs Kay LaRose finally scanned these photobooth pictures of us dressed as Bei Badgirl's paintings (Remember that look I did forever ago? Well, we're still obsessed!)! Anyway, this gorgeous lady is coming to visit me in SF next week-- can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans we get into! I'm super excited to drag her shopping around the Haight and Fillmore. Come catch us around town and maybe pop by for a cocktail!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Swagger Cosmetics labels-- FINALLY!

It's taken forever, but I finally got colour name labels printed, and I can't be more happy with the way they turned out! Before I was just sending out jars without names on them (I know, pretty atrocious) which made it very hard for people to keep track of what colour(s) they have or haven't bought! Now my jars look even better-- and you can giggle at the names when you see them on your vanity.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wow, 2012 really has been fantastic to me!
With miss Anna Evans
From the fantastical (such as meeting my idol Amanda Lepore or chasing down Anna Wintour in the Met) to the much more mundane but no less delightful (listening to way too much pop music, crying during Mass Effect 3, and reading tons of amazing books (Life of Pi not included)), I'm downright delighted by how 2012 went for me!

I launched my makeup brand, Swagger Cosmetics, to overwhelmingly good reviews. It's really unbelievable to finally do something that I've been afraid to even dream about for so long. I've also been blessed to work with tons of great photographers, models, designers, and event promoters this year. I feel like I was at an amazing party or shoot every week! That and being featured on Beautylish, and the SF Bay Guardian (even on the cover!).

I also got to go on several great vacations, first to NY for almost a month (yeah, I know I'm real lucky!), back to Seattle (twice), and then to finally Vegas! Each trip I was able to reconnect with friends I hadn't seen in a long time, and I can honestly say that I am truly blessed to have the best friends in the world.

What are my goals this year?

  • Be more creative. I realized that I wear a lot of the same makeup looks daily-- a neutral smokey eye, pink/peach blush, and a bright lip. I definitely need to start pushing myself out of my own comfort zones and wear different looks. I also discovered I really love rhinestoning and decoden, so I hope to may more fun trinkets.
  • Cook more --I definitely find myself eating Boca burgers more often than I should. I know that I'm a great cook, but I really like cooking things that are bad for you, so I don't do it all that much. I need to learn to love cooking and eating healthier things.
  • Start wearing my natural hair more. I think out of this last year I've really only worn my real hair out a handful of times. I'm pretty sure since moving to SF only about a handful of people have seen me with my real hair. I'm hoping to grow it out more and lighten the shade.
  • Take more photos! I hope to buy a small DSLR sometime this year so I can better document my life. My point and shoot broke, and my phone is fairly pathetic in capturing photos except in the absolute best lighting situations. We have a nice DSLR too, but it ways more than a newborn so it's unpractical to carry around.

How was 2012 for you? What are you looking forward to this year?