Monday, January 28, 2013

Kay LaRose visit!

Kay LaRose, Bart, San Francisco, cold

My gorgeous best friend & model/actor Kay LaRose came and visited me, and we had such a whirlwind week! One day we spent well over twelve hours, just walking, shopping, drinking and dancing all around SF! We were both exhausted and sore the next day. Now that I look bad on it, I don't understand how we spent SO much time shopping, yet neither of us ended up with more than two items the entire time.

Kay LaRose, makeup, blonde, lipstick, bow, wig

Kay LaRose, makeup, blonde, lipstick, bow, wig, hello kitty cups
Drinking St. Germain cocktails out of hello kitty cups! I had a small dinner party and apparently didn't have enough wine/cocktail glasses for everyone, so hello kitty it was!

Kay LaRose, makeup, blonde, lipstick, bow, wig
I gotta touch up everywhere I go, apparently

Kay LaRoselipstick, bow, teal wig
Having a drink at the Armory Club-- my new favourite place! They have happy hour from 5-8, and super fancy drinks for only $7! I'm definitely going to have to go again soon! Our drinks were fantastic, and the decor of the place is amazing-- super dark, with a glowing bar and off black damask walls. In love!

Out dancing in the Castro, at Badlands. I love that place because they play tons of top 40 and 90s-- my two favourites! 

Ahh, I wish every week could be so fun!

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